Workshops 2017

Strategic Planning:

Succession Planning & Leadership Development: Deborah Legrove, BA, CFRE, President, crawfordconnect, AND Bill Hozy, Honours BBA, Director, Talent Management, crawfordconnect

Through this interactive workshop, crawfordconnect will share their expertise on how and where to start with succession planning for your Volunteer Centre. They will explain the types of plans you can use, provide tools for various approaches, and discuss things you need to consider as you follow their five steps to successful succession planning and leadership development within your organization. 


The 3 Indisputable Principles for Successfully Executing Strategy: Gary MacDonald, Clearview Consulting

Empowering teams to define and achieve quality results. Normally a two-day workshop, this session is people-focused and will provide Board Directors, Executive Directors and Senior Managers with the tools they need to focus on creating the type of strategic plan that can be successfully executed at their Volunteer Centre.  We will consider what has been successful or unsuccessful in the past, the correct questions to ask, and define how to remain focused in order to fully execute the final plan. 



Trends in Volunteering: Alison Stevens, Volunteer Canada

Alison provides a detailed look at current volunteerism trends, and shares the results of Volunteer Canada’s recent research on Individual Social Responsibility. She will also demonstrate the evolving role of Volunteer Centres, including the value of multi-centre collaboration.  


Outcomes Measurement: Melina Condren, Volunteer Toronto

Melina shares her expertise and research results on common outcomes for volunteer engagement at Volunteer Centres. Through discussions and hands-on components she covers the difference between outcomes, outputs and impact, and ways to measure these. Melina also explains common difficulties with outcomes measurement and how you can interpret your results. 


Networking Workshop: 

Sustainable Fundraising & Proven Volunteer Centre Fundraising Initiatives: Gary MacDonald, Clearview Consulting 

This highly interactive workshop will provide you with the tools you need to ask for financial support or gifts-in-kind for your Volunteer Centre. How to use story telling, testimonials and real life experience to create impact, and how to develop a Case for Support. This will be followed by three Volunteer Centres sharing their own stories of success through there proven fundraising initiatives:


Volunteer & Information Quinte, Brenda Snider: Dancing With the Stars

Volunteer Ottawa, Paula Coons: VO Connect (corporate volunteering program)

Volunteer Action Centre, Dianne Boston-Nyp, Volunteer Impact Awards Gala



 Train the Trainer:


Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement: Sammy Feilchenfeld, Volunteer Toronto

An entire afternoon is being dedicated to this vital train-the-trainer workshop. This will provide you with the tools to roll out the 2016 edition of the CCVI within your Volunteer Centre, and also provide training to your own member organizations.