Stronger Together

A year and a half ago, this simple yet powerful phrase became a huge part of who we, as the OVCN, are. Stronger Together. A couple weeks ago, we were shown just how true that phrase is. At our annual provincial conference, we were able to see the strength of being together. We had a session on different fundraising tactics among some of our Volunteer Centres. In that small session alone, engaging conversation abounded. As you looked around the room, most were leaning forward, as if being closer to the speaker could somehow help them learn more. Seeing this hunger for knowledge and excitement of possible implementation, was a very encouraging thing to watch.


Our tagline “Stronger Together”, is important because of moments like this. We believe that these are the kinds of moments that, when multiplied, can define us as a sector. These moments, can be a turning point from competition and self-interests to collaboration and unified strength. As in most areas of life, we are taught that what knowledge we have found for ourselves, is our possession and somehow makes us a step ahead of others. When you think of the bigger picture and realize that when we share our thoughts it can transform society, it becomes a whole different game.


Working together has quite obvious strengths. Collaboration opens up avenues for more creativity, larger reach, and access to more resources. We can learn a lot by having conversations about a project, idea, or concept. Everyone has a unique perspective and potential of unique abilities to build something farther. But working together not only helps you, but helps communities. When we join together, more people are invested, which means there are more resources and general spirit propelling it forward. This, in turn, creates more reach to a given project, idea, or concept.


We, as the OVCN, are a network. We are already a community. We have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to connect and collaborate with so many colleagues across Ontario. The time is now to seize this opportunity and use it to all our advantage.


In an organization, corporation, family, or community, there is often this concept on a smaller scale. We work with and for each other so that together we can gain strength. At the OVCN, we believe that this concept should be drawn out on a larger scale. We each have a part to play in our community. That community is not only the city or town you live it, but also a province, a country, and a planet.

“No great person has ever achieved success alone.” Tonya Surman