Your Logo Tells All

Have you seen this logo?

If you have not seen it, here’s the story. The Ontario Volunteer Centre Network has introduced a brand new logo and you’re looking at it!

Already reflected in the new look of this blog, our new logo will be reflected on all of our internal and external communications over the next few weeks, establishing a proud, new identity for our network.

“As Chair of the OVCN’s Steering Committee, I am very pleased with our new look that’s built on our solid history. It conveys messages of unity, togetherness, oneness, integrity, and our ongoing and demonstrated commitment to serve Ontario communities,” Pat Weiler said.

“We will continue to focus on becoming self-sustaining and achieving sustainability for our members; assisting members with enhancing their capacity to deliver quality programs and services; influencing social policy relative to our members and volunteerism; and increasing public awareness of the value and impact of volunteerism.” Pat Weiler, Chair of OVCN’s Steering Committee

OVCN’s logo is often paired with the PREB-Ontario logo as seen here.

About Our New Logo

The logo consists of a graphic element, text and a tagline.

Graphic Element

The tri-colour graphic is of nine open hands stretching outwards in a circular motion and forming an open circle.

This is symbolic of OVCN members’ open approach to promoting volunteerism, recognizing skills-based volunteers and the overall valuable services they provide to Ontario communities.

The three colours represent variations in the services that OVCN’s member Volunteer Centres provide.


The words “Ontario Volunteer Centre Network” spans the width of the logo. It appears in a smaller font, setting it apart from its more prominent acronym, “OVCN.”

It is highlighted with two Publication1single lines that set the words apart from the acronym and the tagline. This was a strategic decision that ensures the organization’s name in its short form, is visible when used in small formats, particularly on social media.

The goal is to make OVCN as recognizable as “Ontario Volunteer Centre Network.”


The tagline, “Stronger Together” was chosen because it aptly reflects OVCN’s as a team committed to a single purpose.

“It is our unified commitment to the same goal that makes us stronger!” Pat Weiler