About Us

OVCN is the province-wide network of volunteer centres promoting volunteering in communities throughout Ontario.

Our Mission

To provide a provincial network and voice to strengthen the individual and collective ability of Volunteer Centres in Ontario, to promote, support and enhance volunteerism. The Ontario Volunteer Centre Network envisions healthy, resilient and engaged communities where we provide a collective voice for Volunteer Centres and volunteerism. One of the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network’s many strengths lies in the visionary leadership of its members.  At its core, the organizations’ strategic priorities are built on a clear and concise vision, a defined mission and a focused mandate.

Our Goal

In this pursuit of achieving our mission, we have established a set of core goals that guide our actions and shape our impact. These goals reflect our values and our dedication to creating a volunteer community that makes a real difference in the world. Join us on this journey as we strive to:

  • To become self-sustaining and help Volunteer Centres achieve sustainability
  • To influence social policy as it relates to Volunteer Centres and volunteerism
  • To increase public awareness of the value and impact of volunteerism

Our Values


We express gratitude and appreciation to our volunteers, partners, and supporters who contribute their time, resources, and efforts to create positive change. We recognize and celebrate their contributions as the backbone of our mission.


We uphold the highest ethical standards and transparency in all our interactions with volunteers, non-profit organizations, and community partners. Trust is fundamental to what we do, and we are committed to maintaining it in every aspect of our platform


We embrace diversity and inclusivity, valuing every individual's unique background, skills, and perspectives. Our volunteer website welcomes volunteers from all walks of life and ensures equal opportunities for everyone to get involved in community service.