Our Members

Volunteer Centres (VCs) are non-profit and public sector organizations or groups dedicated to fostering and developing volunteerism in their respective communities. These organizations exist in human and social services, health care, education, arts and recreation. Regardless of their source of funding, VCs provide services that cater to the needs of the community they serve.


Volunteer Centres engage in four general kinds of services and activities:

  1. Promoters – VCs promote volunteerism and raise awareness about the power of service
  2. Capacity Builders – VCs build capacity for effective local volunteering through:
    • management consulting on volunteer programs
    • training of volunteers and managers of volunteer resources
  3. Providers – VCs are leader and advocate on issues relating to volunteerism and volunteer programs
  4. Connectors – VCs connect people to opportunities to serve by recruiting and referring volunteers to community agencies

OVCN’s member VCs serve over 300 communities across the province of Ontario in many ways, including volunteer referrals or matching services to community service organizations; hosting programs and workshops, and advocates for, support and promote the voluntary sector.

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