If you follow us on our social media platforms, you have seen this hashtag on many posts. (If you don’t follow us, why not follow us: @ovcnetwork.) This hashtag is usually attached to a well-known inspirational leader. Each leader is unique. There were business leaders, political leaders, social activists, of different ages, countries, ethnicities, and gender. The thing that they all had in common was that they believed in the importance of their dreams and ambitions. Because of that strong belief, and their individual strengths, they were able to achieve their aspirations.

Achieve Ontario is the rebranding effort of PREB-Ontario. PREB-Ontario is a program that helps volunteers to gain qualifications for their time volunteering. “It’s an opportunity to recognize experiences and skills-based opportunities and focus on the tasks and activities and skills and competencies demonstrated in volunteer experiences” Cody Palmer Almond, General Manager – OVCN. The certificates received can then help be a strong part of your resume. The certificates are very practical when applying for jobs, post secondary, and scholarships.

This program has helped newcomers to Canada be able to demonstrate their skills in order to help them get a good job. “I came to Canada with more than 10 years of project management experience. But even then, I was so skeptical about finding a job without local experience and that’s when I started volunteering. I was a program assistant for the ChangeTheWorld campaign. So, my role was a mix of campaign support, project management and reporting. I was able to really showcase my skills in project management and client coordination and things like that. The PREB certificate I received at the end of it was really valuable in my job search.” – Susha Das, Quality Assurance Editor – PSL Group.

“Through a process of consultation and collaboration with our partners, we have determined that the name “PREB” wasn’t resonating enough in Ontario to continue building these certificates and the recognition of them, so we changed the name to Achieve Ontario.” – Cody Palmer Almond, General Manager – OVCN

The name PREB came from the Quebec City Volunteer Centre, CABQ. The acronym, PREB, stands for Programme de Reconnaissance des Expériences de Bénévolat. In English, it is translated to mean “Volunteer Experience Recognition Program”. However, most people would not know that and the program was rebranded so that people would recognize it easier and be able to make a more emotional connection with the name. We are very excited about Achieve Ontario and how it could impact people all across the province. We hope that it will inspire you to realize that, with the help of this program, you can achieve your aspirations.


“All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney